Children’s health is one thing that should not be ignored. A healthy life is compulsory for everyone; young and old. To achieve a healthy life, there are some activities and steps that one must follow and commit themselves to. For instance, a healthy body requires exercise, good and balanced diet, enough rest or sleep and a stress free life. For kids, exercise really should be a requirement instead of just TV or video games. As they become more active when they engage in sports, they can avoid injuries by doing some simple yoga poses for beginners.

Yoga Poses for Kids

Here are some simple to perform yoga poses that you as a child can engage in every morning or if you are a parent, you can consider them for your kids.

1. Airplane pose

This pose works to improve body balance, it strengthen the arm and leg muscles and boosts the concentration. It involves standing straight with one foot slightly in front and slowly lifting the one behind, spreading the arms and slowly moving them up, down and sideways.

2. Frog pose

This is a simple practice for kids. You squat then spread your knees. Next step, put your hands on the floor for support then try to balance with your toe pushing yourself slowly while breathing in as you move forward and out when returning the on your feet. This pose helps in increasing flexibility and strong legs.

3. Star pose

Star yoga pose is done by almost every kid while in playgrounds. It just requires you to spread your arms and feet. The pose works on balance and stretches the shoulders.

4. Tree pose

This is another yoga pose that helps strengthen the leg bones and straighten the spine. To begin this pose, stand up straight, bend one foot and place the sole of your bended foot on the one standing. Then above your head place your arms and move them slowly just like the tree branches moving with the wind.

5. Down dog pose

It starts with hands and knees on the floor and lifting hips high. Down facing yoga pose helps calm the mind, relieves back pain, strengthen arms and legs, energizes the body and reduces headaches.

6. Table pose

Place your hands and knees on the floor, make sure your back is straight, and don’t let your head fall then breath in and out repeatedly. This pose assists in coordination, balance and aligns spine.

Yoga poses are simple exercises that one can undertake especially kids, to become more active in life and attain a balanced structure. The advantage of yoga is that kids can perform the exercises on their own, it is not necessary that you join a gym or hire a trainer, some yoga exercise you can learn and practice them on your own.

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